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Project Description

We Help Small Businesses Look Great & Connect with Customers.

With the growing number of consumers browsing the web, it is critical to establish an online presence that will stand out above the rest. Our aim is always to capture moments that provoke emotional connections from those that view them.

Social Media Marketing

Let us help you identify and implement the right social media strategy using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Responsive Web Design

Every website that we create is mobile friendly and provides a cohesive mobile experience.

Branding Strategy

Let’s create an eye-catching and effective brand with logos, business cards, colors, etc.

Website Development

Minimize custom coding to simplify maintenance and decrease costs

Website Content Management

Let us help you identify and implement the right social media strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Let us help you identify and implement the right social media strategy.

Our Approach

  • Discovery – review and understand your priorities and goals, etc.

  • Plan – collaboratively plan the new site design, SEO strategy, etc.

  • Develop – iteratively design, showing progress weekly with scheduled review sessions.

  • Launch and Maintenance – Organize and document maintenance tasks, tracking and reporting, analytics, backups, etc.

Our Tools

  • Adobe Tools

  • WordPress – Themes, Plugins

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • PHP

Our Objectives

  • User-friendly site

  • Responsive to mobile platforms

  • Low maintenance

  • Well-organized content

  • Effective calls to action

  • Brand building

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Other Services



Specializing in seascape and yacht, wildlife, lifestyle, architectural and real estate, landscape, travel and black and white photography for websites, advertising, corporate and editorial clients, we provide a variety of options including still, time lapse or simply photo editing services.


Media Production

Video is the best way to get attention and effectively communicate a message to your audience. We strive to create compelling videos that drive engagement and online sales. We also provide separate video and audio editing services for videos that have been captured separately.