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Thank you Don and Claudia:

I wanted to take a couple of minutes out of my day to compliment you for all you do and have done to help JMYS expand.   Please feel free to share my comments with others and/or post this on your website as a “happy customer referral”.

The uVisualize team has provided exceptional value to our yacht brokerage, JMYS, by not only producing excellent YouTube videos, but also helping us grow our channel subscribers 1500% in less than 2 years.  The quality of video/audio production, responsiveness and turnaround time to complete tasks is impressive!  Their team frequently works in non-traditional hours to accomplish projects promptly and professionally.

This hard-working team also provides JMYS cost effective IT Services (website development and management). The staff at uVisualize not only provides technical expertise, but also adds value through their creativity in all that they do, frequently making suggestions (strategic and tactical) to help us achieve our goals.

My relationship with the uVisualize team is truly a partnership. It is obvious that they are striving to help support my success as a business entrepreneur which I very much appreciate.

Without hesitation, I am proud to highly recommend uVisualize to anyone looking to create videos and/or IT/web development work and would be happy to discuss my experiences with any future uVisualize customers.

Thank you uVisualize team. I look forward to our continued collaboration and an even more amazing 2019!

Jeff Merrill, President JMYS (Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, Inc.)